The Cold Frame

An Attempt to Stretch The Growing Season I still don’t know how this experiment will end up.  The whole thing started when I wanted to extend the growing season here in the north, growing winter vegetables without a heated greenhouse.  After reading books about growing vegetables in winter, especially when one of them took place in Maine ( Winter Harvest Handbook by Eliot Coleman), I … Continue reading The Cold Frame

Winged Bean

The Incredible Edible Bean This year is my second trying to grow Winged bean.  Last year I nearly had two very small bean pods.  There just wasn’t enough time for the beans to grow and reach their full potential.  I started the seeds earlier this year with semi-success, not to the level I had hoped to reach. Winged bean (Psophocarpus tetragonolobus) is a type of bean … Continue reading Winged Bean

Vegetables And Their Flowers

A Closer Look At What We Eat I love eating vegetables especially a fresh salad just picked minutes ago from our garden.  It’s not just tastier than store bought, but also makes me feel healthier physically and psychologically.  The leafy vegetables hardly have a chance to flower, but when the weather gets really hot and we’re stuck at work, then they start to ‘bolt.’  I do … Continue reading Vegetables And Their Flowers


Growing Lemongrass Made Easy Lemongrass can be used in many different ways: cooking, medicine, beverage, etc.  Some cosmetic companies infuse them in many types of cosmetics.  Not many of them retain the same scent as fresh lemongrass though.  I bought lemongrass tea in a package once with the thought of making my life easier.  That was it, once.  It didn’t taste the same as fresh … Continue reading Lemongrass