Vegetable Garden

Summer Vegetables Our vegetable garden this year is very different from last year.  We had a lot of cherry tomatoes last year from seeds that sprouted up in compost I used.  There are not many of them this year as I've pulled the sprouts out early before my guilt set in.  I just can't bring... Continue Reading →

Space Saving

Working Pretty Well I love beans, all types of beans, and fresh picked beans are the best.  They are crispy and sweet when blanched.  Some beans are good to eat fresh like Asian Long bean.   So I've never missed growing beans each summer.   In the past, growing beans has taken up some valuable... Continue Reading →

Red Long Bean

Great Color For Vegetable Garden I grow Asian Long Beans (Vigna unguiculata var. sesquipedalis) every year, the common green one.    This bean has many names: Asparagus bean, Yardlong bean, but I prefer Asian Long Bean.  It's a very useful bean.  You can cook it any which way you like or just eat it fresh.... Continue Reading →

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