Autumn Leaves

Beauty From A Different Perspective Autumn usually makes me feel semi-depressed.  Knowing that the growing season is coming to a close.  Leaves change color and drop off, leaving plants and trees with nothing but bare branches.  A bitter cold winter is waiting around the corner.  The whole perspective of everything coming to an end has... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year

A Time To Contemplate I took this photo at the Bear Mountain State Park this autumn.  We make an annual pilgrimage to the park every autumn just to see the leaves.  It was so peaceful to sit and look at the amazing colors both on the trees and their reflection on the water.  And, to... Continue Reading →

Fooled By Nature

Spring Already? Tomorrow, December 22 will be the official first day of winter but Mother Nature didn't get the memo.  Day time temperature will be over 50° F for the next few days and night time will not be much lower than that.  In fact, in this area Christmas Eve is predicted to be 70° F... Continue Reading →

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