Happy New Year

A Time To Contemplate

New Year 2016

I took this photo at the Bear Mountain State Park this autumn.  We make an annual pilgrimage to the park every autumn just to see the leaves.  It was so peaceful to sit and look at the amazing colors both on the trees and their reflection on the water.  And, to contemplate.

Though Carl Sandberg was not Henry David Thoreau’s contemporary, their writing conveys the same message.  Thoreau wrote in his journal in 1837 “My desire is to know what I have lived, that I may know how to live henceforth“.  Carl Sandberg wrote the caption under the image.

The wise learn from the past, and from mistakes they have made.  Fools insist they have made none and continue on the same path.

Happy New Year 2016

We wish you and your loved ones a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.  May your garden be abundant.  May your honeybees be healthy.  May your profession and hobbies be fruitful and bring you joy.

And, may your contemplation bring you guidance and a happy path to lead.

Thank you for continueing to read this blog.  It has been an honor to see your interest and to read your comments.

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