End Of The Growing Season

Back to Blogging I’ve been away from blogging for six months but it's a busy six months.  Started with erecting a deer fence around the garden, which ate up most of my spring.  It turns out that black, plastic net deer fencing has become an ‘IN’ thing for gardeners who have deer problems this year.... Continue Reading →

Honey Bees And Water

Thirsty Bees It's getting warmer now but I still wear a sweatshirt while working in the garden. The temperature was a little bit above 50° F but the bees were all over the birdbaths, especially the heated one.  I put a couple of stones in each birdbath for the bees to use as a landing and... Continue Reading →

A Very Warm Day, Hooray, Hooray

And Very Productive Day According to the calendar last Wednesday was still winter, but the weather was more like summer.   The temperature had gone up above 80° F.   I had a day off from work and because it was so nice outside I spent most of my day in the garden.  I achieved my main priority:... Continue Reading →

Winter Pollen

Bringing Christmas Gifts For The Hive It's Christmas day but the weather feels more like mid-spring.  The temperature has been hovering around 60° F and the bees have been busy feeding on sugar syrup.  Some bees prefer fresh Chinese broccoli flowers which are the only flowers left in the garden. I  looked at all the hives and... Continue Reading →

Very Warm Autumn

Feeding Honey Bees In Mid-December Sunday was a record breaker for high temperatures in New York.  With 67º F in Central Park, it breaks a high temperature record set back in 1923.   Where we live the temperature was only slightly over 60º F and it was warm enough for the honeybees to come out of their hives, cleaning themselves... Continue Reading →

Last Resource

Ode to a Honeybee In Late Autumn We are having a warm autumn this year.  The daytime temperature is still hovering above 50° F on most days but drops back to slightly above 30° F at night.  We had frost for a couple of days early on in the season which killed off most of the garden.... Continue Reading →

New Bees

Installing Them In New Hives I couldn't believe it has been almost a month since my last post.  Not that there wasn't anything to write about but life has been so hectic.  Back to normal again at last and with good news as well. Four of the hives didn't make it through winter and the one... Continue Reading →

First Inspection

After Five Months Finally, a break last Sunday, great weather and I’m home. It was sunny, over 70°F, and no wind, a good day for opening up beehives for the first inspection.  I have removed insulation from all hives and opened them up for the first time after five months.  As I suspected, only hive#1 survived the... Continue Reading →

Spring Honeybees

Busy Bees I feel less worried and even crack a smile now when friends and colleagues ask me about my honeybees.  It was above 50° F yesterday and bees from hive #1 came out in droves.  They mostly used the top entrance; only once in a while one or two bees would enter or exit the... Continue Reading →

My Bees Swarm Again

Gift Of Summer The second day of summer and my honeybees swarm again.  This time it was the second hive, the one that barely had anything going in to wintering and they managed to pull through.  The size of the bees from this hive is small too, smaller than the first hive's bees.  It didn’t matter... Continue Reading →

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