New Bees

Installing Them In New Hives I couldn’t believe it has been almost a month since my last post.  Not that there wasn’t anything to write about but life has been so hectic.  Back to normal again at last and with good news as well. Four of the hives didn’t make it through winter and the one that showed signs of life we weren’t sure of.  So, … Continue reading New Bees

My Bees Swarm Again

Gift Of Summer The second day of summer and my honeybees swarm again.  This time it was the second hive, the one that barely had anything going in to wintering and they managed to pull through.  The size of the bees from this hive is small too, smaller than the first hive’s bees.  It didn’t matter how many times I inspected this hive, I could never find the … Continue reading My Bees Swarm Again


A Novice Beekeeper Bees always fascinate me, any type of bee.  They are hard working, well organized and take their responsibility seriously.  My respect for them grew greatly after reading everything I could find on keeping an apiary.  Why?  Many reasons: we both love honey, the honey bee population is in decline and I would like to help it along if I can, and there … Continue reading Beekeeping