A Novice Beekeeper

Bees always fascinate me, any type of bee.  They are hard working, well organized and take their responsibility seriously.  My respect for them grew greatly after reading everything I could find on keeping an apiary.  Why?  Many reasons: we both love honey, the honey bee population is in decline and I would like to help it along if I can, and there is my own fascination with, and curiosity about bees.

Here it is… the hive

I received my first bee hive a couple of weeks ago.  Actually it’s a kit that includes a hive, frames, smoker, hat with vail, a pair of glove, a hive tool, a beekeeping book and a DVD.  I took a beekeeping class offered by New York Botanical Garden recently, but I’m still nervous and unsure.  Bill helped me set the hive in a spot in front of our yard fence and we built a wire fence around it; just a precaution since we have both raccoon and skunk in the area.

Now, I’m just waiting for the bees to arrive from Georgia in the next day or two.  They are Italian bees I’m assured.  They are suppose to be the friendliest of all honey bees.  Hope that it’s true. I’ll have to brush up on my Italian bee language.  Let’s see; ‘Miele’ is Italian for honey, right?  Wish me luck.

4 thoughts on “Beekeeping

    1. Well, our neighbor is Italian and she’s excited by the idea. If we don’t kill the bees, she would like to have one of her own next year. Will keep you posted.

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