Happy Holidays

A Dandelion Wish "The dandelion flower tells us that life is short, delicate, and you never know where the winds may take you.  Irrespective of that, don't forget to dream, wish, and remember the bigger joys that come from the little things in life."  Anonymous May you find peace.  May you find happiness.  May you find... Continue Reading →

Flowers For Pollinators III

Weed Flowers Most people hate weeds, maybe with an exception for Cannabis.  I don't like weeds either but as I turn our little garden patch back to nature, to make it into a sanctuary for other species as well as ourselves, I have to learn to get along with weeds.  When I walk through a... Continue Reading →

Happy Earth Day

Respecting Mother Earth This is the only home we have.  Mother Earth gave life to us.  She was here millions of years before we were.  The Earth is kind enough to provide all that is necessary to allow us to exist, but if we keep destroying her, she may not be able to continue supporting us. She can create... Continue Reading →


Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder Dandelion (Lentodon taraxacum) the weed that everyone hates seeing in their lawn. The weed that produces bright, Canary yellow flowers all over the lawn and in turn become a soft, almost snowflake like, white, globe-shaped seed head  after the flowers fade.  Just a little wind and the... Continue Reading →

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