Happy Holidays

A Dandelion Wish “The dandelion flower tells us that life is short, delicate, and you never know where the winds may take you.  Irrespective of that, don’t forget to dream, wish, and remember the bigger joys that come from the little things in life.”  Anonymous May you find peace.  May you find happiness.  May you find the key to unlock your dreams.  May your garden be … Continue reading Happy Holidays


Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder Dandelion (Lentodon taraxacum) the weed that everyone hates seeing in their lawn. The weed that produces bright, Canary yellow flowers all over the lawn and in turn become a soft, almost snowflake like, white, globe-shaped seed head  after the flowers fade.  Just a little wind and the seed pods fly from the mother plant and germinate wherever … Continue reading Dandelion