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Earth Day

With Respect and Gratitude 

The Earth gives us sanctuary and sustains us in all things.  Aside from being a provider, she is also a designer, inventor and teacher among many other things. She is kind but can never be tamed.  That last is quite likely what saves us all from ourselves in the end.

Here’s some of the great beauty she gives us….

Crocus, after hiding below the surface of the earth for most of the year, tells me that spring is finally here
Sand cherry blooms much earlier than other cherries in our garden, with a lovely honey fragrance
Columbine catching a rain drop

Thank you, Mother Earth

With Respect and gratitude

Happy Earth Day

Respecting Mother Earth

This is the only home we have.  Mother Earth gave life to us.  She was here millions of years before we were.  The Earth is kind enough to provide all that is necessary to allow us to exist, but if we keep destroying her, she may not be able to continue supporting us.

Blade of grass encased in ice with a blooming dandelion in the background
Blade of grass encased in ice with a blooming dandelion in the background

She can create and she can destroy.   The picture above was taken on April 5th when we had rain that turned to an ice storm in the  night. That was after we had a couple of weeks of warm weather when everything was sprouting and beginning to bloom.

We need our Earth to live, but she does not need us.  We owe it to her and to ourselves to respect her kindness, her gifts.  After all, she breathed life into us, not the other way around.


Earth Day

A Day To Contemplate on…There Is No Planet “B”

A friend of mine gave me a t-shirt that has “There’s No Planet “B” printed on the front as a holiday gift.  I’m very grateful for that and it’s a perfect t-shirt to wear while gardening today.

You may have seen this proverb below floating around often enough.  The Cree Indians were very wise in seeing this as clearly as they did.

Only when the last tree has died and the last river has been poisoned and the last fish has been caught will we realise we cannot eat money.”  Cree Indian Proverb


                                     Happy Earth Day to all those who care about the well-being of this planet, our home, earth.