It’s ‘Officially’ Here Today is ‘officially’ the first day of spring.  That’s what it says on the calendar but in reality our garden is still snowed in.  The temperature is hovering a little bit above 30°F and there will be more snow coming down tonight and continuing until Wednesday night. We expect a foot of wet snow accumulation added to what we already have on … Continue reading Spring

Snow In April

The Morning of April 16th I’ve been so happy with the temperature climbing up and the ability to see green again.  I started to clean up the garden, pruning roses and feeding plants.  Happiness, it seemed, was short lived.  The rain that started on April 15th turned to snow overnight and dumped two inches on the ground.  The temperature has dropped down below freezing.  I felt guilty for removing … Continue reading Snow In April

Growing Garlic

Never thought it would be this easy We loved eating garlic even before doctors and health gurus piled on claiming that it’s good for your health.  Our kitchen has never been without garlic.  I actually have reduced the amount of garlic I consume, especially the fresh ones, since I still have to verbally communicate with other people in close proximity.  But I have never thought … Continue reading Growing Garlic