Snow In April

The Morning of April 16th

I’ve been so happy with the temperature climbing up and the ability to see green again.  I started to clean up the garden, pruning roses and feeding plants.  Happiness, it seemed, was short lived.  The rain that started on April 15th turned to snow overnight and dumped two inches on the ground.  The temperature has dropped down below freezing.  I felt guilty for removing all the leaves covering the flower plots last fall as winter protection for plants and a refuge for the good insects.  Now they will have to deal with more cold nights unprotected.

I haven’t removed the extra bird feeders yet so the birds have their food supply and shelters still available to them.  I think they’re happy that I’ve removed the leaves as it gives them easy access to insects and worms.  A few more cold nights and then the temperature will climb up again.  Hopefully, nature can make up her mind this time around.

Morning, April 16th
Morning, April 16th
Helleborus half buried under the snow
Helleborus half buried under the snow
Partially covered garlic. But they'll survive.
Partially covered garlic. But they’ll survive.


3 thoughts on “Snow In April

  1. The snow makes for some nice photos. Hope winter gives up soon. The ground was covered with frost this morning but now I think it will warm up and stay.

    1. At least it warmed up during the day here but it’s predicted to drop below freezing again tonight. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hope you’re right. I just feel sorry for the plants and butterflies that came out too early.

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