Snow In April

The Morning of April 16th I've been so happy with the temperature climbing up and the ability to see green again.  I started to clean up the garden, pruning roses and feeding plants.  Happiness, it seemed, was short lived.  The rain that started on April 15th turned to snow overnight and dumped two inches on the ground.  The... Continue Reading →

First Snow Fall Of The Season

Not Much But Still Beautiful I woke up this morning to see snow falling outside.  The temperature is cold with no wind so the snow stayed on the leaves and on the ground.  Lucky that I've gotten everything I needed done in the garden before the weather got cold and snow fell.  We insulated our... Continue Reading →

Garden in Snow

Quiet Morning Snow fell again last night, not as much as when blizzard 'Nemo' blew over a few days ago.  That night I came home to see a foot of snow on the ground as well as the patio (under the roof).  Last night was peaceful and quite a beautiful night, beautiful enough to make... Continue Reading →

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