Rose Companions

Enhanced Beauty I want our garden to resemble a natural environment as much as possible but the roses don't seem to quite fit.  I try to incorporate roses in the garden anyway.  I love roses and I think any garden without roses is not a complete garden.  Any readers who don't like roses and think... Continue Reading →

Tree Peony-Nishiki

Getting More Beautiful Every Year We weren't able to enjoy our tree peonies in the last two years as it was either too windy or too much rain which brought down the flowers as soon as they opened up.  This year, though we had a lot of rain, there was a brief period without and... Continue Reading →

Red, White And Blue

From The Garden I still hear fireworks this evening though not as often as last night, the 4th of July night.  So, I think it's not too late to post red, white and blue flowers.  

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