Update On Bird Families

Busy Raising Families This is a busy time of the year for us as well as the birds.  We are busy with garden chores-cleaning up, pruning, feeding and planting.  The birds are busy building their new families.  The Bluebird's eggs have hatched and the parents have been making endless trips feeding five chicks.  They are... Continue Reading →

Bird Colony – Choice Avian Real Estate

Two Tree Swallow Nests Eggs of the Tree Swallow (Tachycineta bicolor) by the vegetable garden have hatched, all five of them.   Mom and dad are busy catching insects for the chicks.  They are not bothered by me working in the vegetable garden now.   I think they have learned from last year that I didn’t... Continue Reading →

Progress On New Families

A Busy Time At this time of year our garden is busy with a variety of birds singing, courting, building nests and a few have already started to rear their first brood.  I have mentioned some in previous posts about our resident Eastern Bluebirds and the migratory birds that come back either to settle in our garden... Continue Reading →

Empty Nests

Time to Clean Up We've been doing pretty well with the birds this year. So far we have hosted a few families - three House Wren, three Tree Swallow, and one Eastern Bluebird.  These are just the ones that used the nest boxes we put up in the garden.  The first Wren family has already... Continue Reading →

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