Spring Breakfast

Spring Salad & Smoked Salmon It wasn’t that cold this morning, the sun was bright and the birds were singing up a storm. It was a great time to have breakfast outside for a change. After surveying the garden to see what damage the deer had done last night, I picked our first salad of the season... Continue Reading →

Started Seedlings

Adapting To A Long Winter I usually start seedlings of any plants that need longer time to mature in the house not long before I can plant them outside: Chili pepper, tomato, Bitter melon, Moonflower and a few more. I put them right in their permanent spots in the garden when they have developed their... Continue Reading →

Spring Vegetable Garden

Sprouting Time After a long wait for fresh backyard salad, I can hardly stop myself from sowing seeds in the vegetable garden.  As soon as the soil softens, judged by seeing weeds coming up, I put Arugula, Radish (Cherry Belle and French Breakfast), Pak choi, Mizuna, Kale, Swiss chard, Scallion, Lettuce, and Broccoli Raab in.   The... Continue Reading →

Vegetable Seedlings

Seedlings In The House I promised myself to be tougher with self-sown seedlings this year.  Last year we returned from vacation to discover plenty of tomato seedlings in the vegetable garden.  They were very healthy too, so I dug some up and either gave them to colleagues or replanted them in my neighbor’s garden.  I... Continue Reading →

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