Bluebird Family

A happy Blues family

She didn’t like his choice.   She took a look at the first house he picked right outside Bills’ office but decided against it.  Maybe it is too close to the feeder or the nosey Catbirds that keep checking on the house, though he promptly chased the Catbird off.  For unknown reason, at least to us, she has gone for their old house in the front yard despite the traffic.  I haven’t seen any information that indicates the Bluebird will nest in the same nest box they used the previous year.   They may or may not be the same pair as last year.  All Bluebirds look the same to me.  I’m not an ornithologist; I can only tell the difference between male, female, juveniles and the ones that have specific marks from a fight.

Building the nest

She worked hard on building the nest up to her specs.  He would be on the electric wire or the Maple tree nearby, keep his eyes on any intruder that would disrupt her work.  He also brought food for her. Once in a while he would land on the roof or look inside the birdhouse.  It didn’t take long for her to finish the nest.

A proud father

They have 4 little blue eggs now.  Yes, I sneaked a peek.  I just wanted to make sure that there weren’t any Cowbird eggs in there or that a House Sparrow had taken over the nest.  I will check again in a week to see how many chicks have hatched.  We had four chicks last year, hope to add another four to the population this year.



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