Columbine and Hummingbirds

Right on Cue

I like Columbine (Aquilegia) for their various colors and shapes and how easy to grow them.  They  self-sow like crazy in our garden so I only purchase the colors I don’t have and like when I see them.  I have learned to purchase only one plant and then let it reproduce.  I also let nature dictate  in the garden, just curb her a little when it becomes unruly.  Birds and insects have helped to both plant and pollinate our garden.  The great thing about open pollination is that it gives us something to look forward to…a surprise.

Last year I had a new columbine in the garden as a result of open pollination.  This year I have so many white, purple and crimson columbine everywhere.  Whether the common, lantern or lotus shape, they both look graceful and are well loved by hummingbirds.

As soon as the Columbine in the garden starts to bloom, we expect to see the hummingbirds come back from the south.  They never miss their cue.  This spring, a few days after the pink by the patio bloomed, I saw two hummingbirds checking out the area we’ve been hanging their feeders in the past few years.  I promptly put up the feeders for them; welcoming them from their long flight back from Mexico.  Elusive little critters, their photos will have to come in a future blog entry.

First to bloom
Very pale lavender
Pale yellow
Deep purple

4 thoughts on “Columbine and Hummingbirds

    1. If you love hummingbirds and like plants that don’t need much care. They are invasive only when you let them set seeds.

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