Roses for a Summer Garden

Still Blooming

As a request from my editor and partner in crime who helped dig the plots and mowed the lawn to plant roses that bloom more than once a year.  No, I didn’t know when I started this garden that some roses bloom only once in spring.  I came from a place where roses bloom all year round (the sub-tropics) so I assumed that it should be the same here.  The first couple of roses I planted put on a show of colors in spring then nothing else for the rest of the season.  Though they offered nothing else but a home to the birds, they are still worth keeping.

Learning from my mistakes plus his request, the roses I’ve been planting after the first batch are either re-blooming or bloom continuously.  Even in the uneven weather we’ve had this year they are still performing well.  Blackspot fungus caused some damage to Eden and William Shakespeare roses, but they still try their best to give the garden some color.  Here are a few that didn’t get beaten up too badly by the recent storm.

Aimee Vibert is still trying to flower despite having their buds nipped off more than once by the itinerant deer.
Antique Caramel squeezed in between Garden Phlox.
Rosa Rugosa ‘Mrs. Doreen Pike’ still puts on a great show of color.
Rosa Rugosa ‘Foxi’ is a great performer. It never stops flowering, providing that I cut the spent flowers off. The bees love them too.
This photo doesn’t do ‘Eden’ justice since the bush got beat up pretty badly by the rain.
A lovely yellow rose ‘Jewel Topaz’. It’s still blooming nicely even though it shares space with a cherry tomato.
I got this ‘Knockout’ for free from the nursery and it never stops blooming from early summer on.
Rosa Rugosa ‘Hansa’ is still blooming nicely.
‘Mr. Lincoln’ , though beaten up by the rain, is still holding on. The scent is better than its look at this point.
“JFK’ is barely holding on to her petals, but there are new buds waiting to bloom.
William Shakespeare hardly has any leaves left, but still blooms with an exceptionally sweet scent.

One thought on “Roses for a Summer Garden

  1. There’s a great deal to be said for resiliency in nature. You’ve stacked the deck in your favor planting persistent blooms. Scars have their unique
    silhouette, asking us to guess what happened…a gnawing bug or a rip
    from whipping in wind? The Antique Caramel photo is stunning for it’s
    full range palette of hues.

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