Weighing Priority

Weighing Priority: To Blog Or Not To Blog

Spring is finally here, though a little too cold for April.  There are plenty of things to do in the garden and most of them are time sensitive.   Cleaning up dead stalks, feeding, pruning, training, mulching, starting the seedlings…they all need to be done at certain times in order to be done correctly and to be good for the plants.  Two days off from work, from dawn to dusk, seems to be too short a period of time to get them all done.  Something has to go on the back burner.

I started seedlings like tomato and chili pepper at  dusk and working into the night.  After pruning, training and feeding the roses, I have other perennials that are waiting in line to be pampered.  Then I sow cool weather vegetable seeds like arugula, radish, carrot, chard, kale and sugar snap pea in the garden.  After all these chores, a good hot shower and a glass of wine, then I sleep like a baby.  As much as I love to blog I have no physical energy left, though I remain mentally clear and calm and want to share what nature is providing me.  So I apologize for not updating this blog in a more timely fashion.  Call it planting season time requisition, for lack of a better term.

Here is one of my new acquisitions this year: a Blue Zebra Primrose (Primula acaulis ‘Blue Zebra’).  It’s a lovely addition to my primroses.

'Blue Zebra' is almost like batik
‘Blue Zebra’ is almost like batik
Close up
Close up

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