Late Season Roses

Still Blooming

Despite uneven weather and a lot of heavy rain this summer many roses in the garden are still blooming this late in the season.  Though not as profusely as in spring, they still provide bright, cheerful colors and scent for the late summer garden.  Some of them will continue to bloom until the first frost.

Topaz jewel
Topaz jewel

After flooding the plant in spring, ‘Topaz Jewel’ continued to bloom sporadically throughout summer.

Rosa Rugosa 'Hansa'
Rosa Rugosa ‘Hansa’

Rugosa ‘Hansa’ has never stop blooming since it started in the spring.  Aside from being highly fragrant, the bees love them.  I let most  flowers become seed pods early in the season so I can make rose hip tea later on.

Eden is still pushing out  new flower buds
Eden is still pushing out new flower buds

My favorite ‘Heritage’ has never stopped blooming.   Beautiful soft pink petals and it’s highly fragrant.

Aimee Vibert
Aimee Vibert

For some reason the deer seemed to like this ‘Aimee Vibert’ rose.  Flower buds that are low enough for them to reach often get eaten while other varieties of rose nearby remain intact.


The ‘JFK” rose is another rose that the deer are drawn to.  I wonder if they like the color white on a rose or white roses are just easier to see in the dark.

Burgundy Iceberg
Burgundy Iceberg

The reason I planted this ‘Burgundy Iceburg’ rose is because I planted an ‘Iceberg’ (white) rose earlier and wanted to provide a companion for it.  This one seems to get black-spots on the leaves every summer, but with few leaves left, it continues to bloom through summer.

8 thoughts on “Late Season Roses

    1. Thank you. I am much more forgiving of the deer than the chipmunks. Deer usually eat the leaves or flowers but the chipmunks have killed many of my plants. The chipmunks dig out the bulbs and carry it away. They dug up all of my tulips. They also chew off stems at the base, killing the plants at ground level.

    1. There is fragrance in our garden from morning to night. Most of the plants I grow are fragrant to varying degrees. But I still can’t get my gardenia and ginger lily to flower…bummer. Any tips or tricks you may care to share will be gratefully accepted. The Heritage is very fragrant and continues to bloom until late fall. Worth growing.

    1. This year is a good year for roses here. Though it has rained often but when it’s not, there isn’t enough humidity to cause black spots or mildew.

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