Roses I didn’t expect to stay away from posting for almost a month, time flies.  With the weather swinging like a pendulum, I find myself spending more time getting the garden in order.  By the end of the day I was too exhausted to do anything else.  But I can’t let summer passes by with out posting about roses. The rose bushes in our garden … Continue reading Summer

First Day Of Summer

Yes, Looks Very Much Like Summer Today is the official first day of summer and the garden looks very much like summer.  The weather is also, sunny, with a little breeze.  Juvenile birds tag along with their parents and wait to be fed on branches near by.  The chicks from the second family of Tree Swallows learn to fly by gliding around the garden. … Continue reading First Day Of Summer

Late Season Roses

Still Blooming Despite uneven weather and a lot of heavy rain this summer many roses in the garden are still blooming this late in the season.  Though not as profusely as in spring, they still provide bright, cheerful colors and scent for the late summer garden.  Some of them will continue to bloom until the first frost. After flooding the plant in spring, ‘Topaz Jewel’ … Continue reading Late Season Roses

Roses This Spring: Old Garden Roses and the Others

They Keep On Flowering I guess we can’t have everything.  After raining for a few days, the weather has returned to early spring in which night temperatures hover around 50°F.  It’s great for the roses but not so great for tomatoes, peppers and beans.  The vegetables grow very slowly in temperatures like this.  But the roses that survived the recent heavy rain do last longer … Continue reading Roses This Spring: Old Garden Roses and the Others