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Surviving ‘Jonas’

Winter storm ‘Jonas’ hit us last weekend.  It crippled New York City for a day and dumped over two feet of snow in Central Park at the end.  All above ground transportation was shut down and non-emergency vehicles were not allowed on the road.  We ended up staying in the city over night and, I admit, it was fun.

I ended up walking around midtown during the blizzard.  A rare moment when New York City was dressed attractively.  No cars and not that many people around, the tense and busy city, for once, became serene.  I had taken a few photos during the walk before my fingers and toes felt numb enough to retreat back inside a warm building.

There was a flock of Robins on the cherry trees outside my office.  They were all puffed up against the wind and snow and were picking cherries off the trees.  I think they have a high survival chance since it’s usually warmer in the city and there are plenty of cherry trees along the city streets .  They also have a taste for bread crumbs.

Two Robins on a cherry tree in NYC

Two Robins on a cherry tree in NYC

We didn’t get much snow up where we live, only eight inches.  Luckily, the snow was still light and fluffy when we got home so it was easy to clean up.  Checking up on our bees we were heartened to see signs that they were still alive.  As long as there are dead bees on the snow, then we know there are live bees in the hive.

Jonas came and left and our lives go on.  I keep searching catalogs for new additions to the garden but won’t get too hyped up until the middle of next month.  Hopefully, Nature will keep her schedule.