Winter Storm

Surviving 'Jonas' Winter storm 'Jonas' hit us last weekend.  It crippled New York City for a day and dumped over two feet of snow in Central Park at the end.  All above ground transportation was shut down and non-emergency vehicles were not allowed on the road.  We ended up staying in the city over night and,... Continue Reading →

Walking In A Forest

Meditation On A Wet Day Rain had taken hold in the early part of yesterday morning, then came the fog.  It was not a perfect day to take a walk in the woods but I knew there's always something interesting to see no matter what the weather is.  Walking in the woods always leads me to a sense... Continue Reading →

Snowed In

And More To Come A snow storm hit us again today, starting about 5:00 AM.  It was very peaceful because no one was out, the town plows didn't bother to come around early and not a snow blower in sight.  It was the type with big fluffy flakes falling down early on then became very... Continue Reading →

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