Good Year For Bluebirds

Starting Their Second Brood

I think the Bluebirds are getting more comfortable with our garden now.  They no longer leave us during winter.  We provide roosting boxes, food and water in heated birdbaths when nothing much is around in winter and we help with guarding their nesting box during their breeding season.  Since they have become our resident birds, they have started their nesting early.  Last year they had two broods and this year they have already started a second brood while still feeding their chicks from the first brood.

They started the first brood in April. Once the female lays eggs, we start to monitor the nest box weekly to make sure they are fine.  Four out of five eggs hatched with the 1st brood.

May 7th – not much feathering and eyes still closed
May 14th – They are much bigger and have feathers. This was our last photo because we don’t want them to fledge too early

We stopped checking their nest box when the chicks have full feathers.  If they fledge too early, out of concern for their own safety, they could become other birds food.  So we don’t want to stress them with visits.

May 30th – The female tends to one of the chicks in between building a new nest
A couple taking a break from feeding the chicks and building a new nest
June 4th – The first egg in a new nest-second brood
Two of the babies from the first brood perching on top of new nest box
Male keeps his eyes on his chicks and the new nest too

The second nest is right by our vegetable garden and the green pole is only a couple of feet from the front of the nest box.  Hopefully there will be another three or more chicks from the second brood.

9 thoughts on “Good Year For Bluebirds

  1. Great photos! So nice to see the little bluebirds at different stages of their development. I’m surprised that the parents started a new nest so soon. I guess their reproductive urge is very strong! 🙂

  2. I was wondering after seeing the previous post, how did the bluebird babies fare ! I love happy endings,in this case happy beginnings in a cozy and comfortable home 😍

    1. They did very well this year. They have been staying with us during winter now which is very nice and fulfilling. Every time we see them in our garden, aside from their beauty and peaceful song, they make us feel that we’ve accomplished our task of keeping them away from extinction.

      1. The Earth doesn’t belong to us, it belongs to ALL species. We, humans, have no right to destroy their habitat for our benefits. It’s just a small gesture of redemption for the ill that my specie place upon this planet.

      2. You are right about it…. we indeed have taken and taken from nature. I am happy that we have reached a stage where now humans have understood and many are now trying to give something back to nature…

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