Autumn Leaves

Beauty From A Different Perspective Autumn usually makes me feel semi-depressed.  Knowing that the growing season is coming to a close.  Leaves change color and drop off, leaving plants and trees with nothing but bare branches.  A bitter cold winter is waiting around the corner.  The whole perspective of everything coming to an end has... Continue Reading →

Walking In A Forest

Meditation On A Wet Day Rain had taken hold in the early part of yesterday morning, then came the fog.  It was not a perfect day to take a walk in the woods but I knew there's always something interesting to see no matter what the weather is.  Walking in the woods always leads me to a sense... Continue Reading →

Sign Of Life

Wonders of Nature Waiting for spring to come seems like forever.  I should have be used to it by now, roughly three months of cold, wet weather with snow on the ground or freezing rain before I can garden outside again.  But, it’s never been that easy. When plant and seed catalogs start to fill... Continue Reading →

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