A Brutally Cold Winter II

Other Hungry Visitors Looking at who visits our garden in winter can tell us how bad the weather is.  The Pine siskin came down from the boreal area in a flock this winter.  The birds alternately tucked their feet up or just puffed up to a ball of feathers and down without legs when it's... Continue Reading →

First Day Of Winter

And Snow, Right On Schedule Today is the official first day of winter and it has been snowing lightly on and off all day.  It’s very peaceful and quiet outside, the only sound the birds singing.  The birds are the only bright colors in the garden at this time and without them it’s a plain brown... Continue Reading →

Garden in Snow

Quiet Morning Snow fell again last night, not as much as when blizzard 'Nemo' blew over a few days ago.  That night I came home to see a foot of snow on the ground as well as the patio (under the roof).  Last night was peaceful and quite a beautiful night, beautiful enough to make... Continue Reading →

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