New Kid On The Blog

Capturing Changes I decided to create another blog mainly for photographs and a very short description.  Photographs of what I have witnessed not just in my garden but in places I happened to be at interesting moments.  They are mostly about nature as that has never ceased to amaze me. It's very hard to pick... Continue Reading →

October Garden

Still Some Colors After uneven temperatures and one rainstorm after another, most of the flowers in our garden have just given up or rotted away.   Only a few of them have kept blooming.  As the years pass, more and more we see pounding rainfall in autumn that frequently strips the trees of what should be... Continue Reading →

Mix and Match

For a Better Effect and Benefit It doesn't matter how much space we have for our vegetable garden, it's never enough.  We just expanded our fenced in vegetable garden from 16' x 16' to 16' x 22' this year but I'm still looking for space to put many more seedlings that have sprouted up.  I've... Continue Reading →

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