October Garden

Still Some Colors

After uneven temperatures and one rainstorm after another, most of the flowers in our garden have just given up or rotted away.   Only a few of them have kept blooming.  As the years pass, more and more we see pounding rainfall in autumn that frequently strips the trees of what should be their proudly worn, colorful fall coat.  Flowers, being the weaker stalk, fall victim first.

But rather than waste words, I should let the photographs tell the story of their endurance.

Rosa rugosa-‘Doreen Pike’ still blooming non-stop
Never underestimate Alyssum. Tiny, but tough.
Zinnia with Bitter melon entwined between its petals
Aster, the bees have a lot to thank them for.
Garden Phlox-‘David’ got beat up by the rain.
Another Garden Phlox that is still up and blooming
One of a variety of Nasturtium providing bright spots here and there in the garden
The only color of Yarrow that is still flowering

8 thoughts on “October Garden

  1. Despite the storm you still some nice blooms to enjoy a bit longer. The Alyssum is really nice. You have one of my very favorites, Garden Phlox-’David’. The deer wouldn’t leave mine alone so I gave up on it for now. Glad you can grow and enjoy it.

    1. The Garden Phlox ‘David’ hasn’t been eaten because they are closer to the house. The ones further away became deer salad a while ago. I used to spray organic deer repellant but since it has been raining I see no point in wasting the spray. So the deer have been enjoying their organic salad bar.

  2. Gorgeous color combination on the Nasturtiam. Your fall blooms after the storms remind me of Barry Manilow’s, “I Made It Through the Rain”… title
    only of course.

    Down here in FL the saying goes, “Florida is great! Everything grows… then
    the problem here is that everything Grows!” We manage each fall now to see
    the Smoky Mountains in fall splendor. I miss the northern Apple picking season.

    1. Of course, we could send you some apples. But I don’t think they would be any fresher than ones you can buy down there. I think the Nasturtium would sing “Singing in the Rain” since they seem to grow better when there is a lot of rain.

    1. Thank you. As much as I like old English roses, Rogusa roses are the most sensible to grow. They bloom from summer through fall, fragrant, drought tolerant, and the deer have no taste for them most of the time. Around this time of year, the deer will eat anything short of rocks.

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