Everbearing Strawberry

From June to Frost I put my first strawberries in the garden three years ago when I discovered that strawberries from a conventional farm are usually loaded with chemicals.  I started with four plants of ‘everbearing’ strawberry, the type that produces fruit from June to frost, just to see how difficult it is to grow them.  I picked a few strawberries in that first year but … Continue reading Everbearing Strawberry

Before the Curtain Closes

And Before the Rain Washes Them Away It’s raining again tonight, actually it has been raining on and off for the past two days.  It’s just drizzle now.  Luck was on my side yesterday; gave me a chance to take some photographs of fall colors before the rain washes them away.  Not much left of the garden, really, just a lot of leaves on the … Continue reading Before the Curtain Closes