Companion Plants Growing roses without growing clematis is almost a crime. They are supposed to be great companions for one another.  It’s not the term I normally use but this is what I read in gardening books and websites.  I can confirm this information as accurate having now grown a few kinds of clematis with roses.  Lucky that I didn’t try to grow the Clematis … Continue reading Clematis

Roses This Spring: Old Garden Roses and the Others

They Keep On Flowering I guess we can’t have everything.  After raining for a few days, the weather has returned to early spring in which night temperatures hover around 50°F.  It’s great for the roses but not so great for tomatoes, peppers and beans.  The vegetables grow very slowly in temperatures like this.  But the roses that survived the recent heavy rain do last longer … Continue reading Roses This Spring: Old Garden Roses and the Others

Roses This Spring: Rugosa

Looking Great Until The Rain Came The weather started nicely for roses this year…cool and dry with little rain.  Our early bloomer roses formed buds profusely and they’re in the middle of their first round exhibition of colors and scents.  Then the rain came.  A nonstop deluge for a day and a half.  There are still some flowers left after the rain, though not much.  Hopefully there … Continue reading Roses This Spring: Rugosa

Clematis Montana

Blooms But Once A Year And It’s Worth It It’s that time of year again: A time of colors and scents.  The unintended Clematis Montana (Clematis Montana var Rubens) proves itself of worthy for any garden again even though it blooms only once a year.  I can hardly see it’s leaves this spring.  The pool fence is covered with the beautiful pink flowers and it … Continue reading Clematis Montana


Tough Little Plants When spring weather has not stabilized and frost is not yet out of the picture, not many plants are well equipped to deal with left-over extremes.  Primrose (Primula) is one of the early spring flowers that can deal with a wider than normal range of temperatures.  Recently the temperatures locally have been around 60° to 75°F during the day, dropping to below … Continue reading Primrose