Winter Zen Moment

Zen Moment It has been pretty cold in the past few weeks.  All the reservoirs in the area have frozen.  Even when the temperature has gone up above the freezing point, the surface of the reservoirs still look like skating rings.  It doesn’t matter how cold and windy it is, there are always some ice-fishermen out there…! I’ve been trying to wrap my head around … Continue reading Winter Zen Moment


Fog, From A Different Perspective We haven’t seen any sunshine for the past few days, the days are just foggy and damp.   The high temperature for today is about 45°F, pretty high for mid-January.  We still have some snow on the ground that’s melting away slowly.  The fog stays all day, it either gets lighter or thicker, but never goes away. Fog is used … Continue reading Serenity


The Beauty of Icicles I looked out at the garden this morning and discovered that the garden was coated with an icing, as well as the lawn.  It was a beautiful morning, sunny and calm, but pretty cold.  As much as I had to work against the sun that was rising and melting the tiny icicles and everything it touched, I tried not to walk … Continue reading Frost